People feel interest about Home brewing, because its preparing cost is economical than buying the similar beverages from the market. When people go for buying commercial beverage, they have to pay the preparing cost, packaging cost as well as the profit of the company. But only preparing-cost is required for Home brewing. It also gives opportunity to make recipe according to health and taste. As it does not take enough time to prepare, so it is also favourable for the busy people.

Many people arrange Home brew competitions, where their friends and neighbours come together and enjoy the competition in a festive mood. Home brewing is environment friendly also. No Packaging materials and transportation are needed for Home brewing. But in the commercial beverage, many packaging materials like bottles, labels, boxes, wrapping papers etc. become wastage after finish which makes the environment polluted. Commercial beverage also burns fuel to reach in the market from the factory, which makes severe air pollution. But Home brewing needs no transportation as it is prepared at home.

After Home brewing many people share their Beer, Cider, Kilju, and Mead with their familiar or store at home with Glass bottle or Plastic container. For storing small quantity, glass bottle is more popular than plastic container. Glass bottle do not affect the bear and prevent to entrance of oxygen into the bottle. So, when people want to store for long time, they use glass bottle. Moreover, people like to store in glass bottle because it can be used again and again. When people store their Beer for short period of time, they use plastic container also.

At the time of Home brewing, everything should be hygienic. Everyone should be aware that bad yeast cannot overrun the good yeast. It can make the bear or wine into a pungent solution. When anybody makes a recipe for Home brewing, he should make the recipe according to his age and health condition also. So, it can be said that home brewing beverages are better than commercial beverages and nothing else.