Generally home brewing means home made beer, wine, cider, kiljo, etc. It is fermented through a small quantity for personal use. Home brewing beverages also use in a small party. Its distillation is both non-alcoholic and alcoholic. Its alcoholic distillation is legal in some countries and illegal in some countries. Like Canada, United Kingdom, Hungary, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, and many other countries have permission to alcoholic home brewing. And some other countries in the world like Japan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, Sudan, Norway, and Finland and like others have no permission to home distillation to alcoholic beverages.

Home brewing specially beer is used in the ingredients of grain, water, hopes, malt, yeast and a bag. The brewing process has several steps such as malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering and packaging.

Brewing specially the process of steeping is including a starch source like cereal grains, malted barley, rice, corn or sugar in water, then fermenting in a bottle and then adds flavours. At first for brewing the brewer is malting the grain. But malting process contains three steps, first step contains the steeping of grains is added water and soak for 40 hours; then second contains germinating the grains for around 5 days ; and final step contains kilning where malt gives a very high temperature without damaging the enzymes of the grains. Now it’s prepared to crushing.

Mashing contains that the crushing grains is added with hot water in a large vessel and mixed together and the grains turn into simple sugar which is called saccharification. After mashing process the wort is stained through the bottom of the mash tun which is called lautering. After finishing the mashing process the wort is going through a kettle where it is boiled with hopes and makes flavours and aroma of beer. Then the wort is quickly to be cooled.

After cooling the wort is moved into the fermentation tank and the yeast is added to the fermentation tank, and then starts fermentation and wort turn into alcohol and other components. Then conditioning the beer in a new tank to smooth the flavours and separated the unwanted aroma. Finally finishing the conditioning process the brewer can be filtered the beer a week to several month and then use it. Home brewing beverages are totally free for packaging cost.