Some brewers have been brewed the home brewing beverages for their tradition of work. They made these drinks professionally. And some other brewers have been made home brewing for their own interests. They made home brewing occasionally for themselves and their friends as their passion. Home brewing beverages means not only home made beer but also cider, wine, kiljo, mead, etc.

Cider is more fashionable drink to beer in modern time. Cider means apple juice. It is mainly made from apple, but now made also from pear and other fruits juice. Cider is also known as apple wine. It is made from fresh apple and mix with a significant percent of alcohol. Cider is the most popular in England. The people of England use cider as their every day drinks. Now the cultivators use fresh apples to prepare cider. The real cider means 90% of fresh apple juice and added a little sugar during fermentation and adding no colours and flavours. Many brewers were made hard cider by using apple juice without fermented. And cider is also made by brewer without using alcohol which is called non-alcoholic cider. Cider is differing from dry to sweet and its flavours and colours have been differentiating from the range of filtration. Without filtration cider is called clear or white cider, which is common. And other types of cider are called cloudy or dark cider which contains strong flavours.

Once upon a time the brewers were collected apple from trees and made their pommage by pressing stones or a cider mill which was driven by hand. Then the pulp was taking place of sweet straw or hair cloth or ash wood racks to create a pile of ten or twelve layers. Then increasing pressure to reduce the last drop of juice and poured them into an open vats or closed casks. This is now fermented with extra sugar and yeast in a low temperature. By completing fermentation after at least three months the cider is ready to use. Home brewers use beer bottles to be reserved the ready cider because they are cheap.

Another home brewing beverages is kiljo, which is a finished home made alcoholic beverage. It is called sugar wine. Kiljo is made from water or often fruit juice like lemon or orange, sugar and yeast. The process of preparation of kiljo is almost same with fruit wine or cider. This is a low quality beverage which is mainly used in students’ parties. Next one is mead which is known as honey wine made from fermenting honey solution and water. On the other hand, non-alcoholic home brewing beverages are tea, coffee, sake, etc.