The history of home brewing beverages is very ancient. From very early age the home brewing products like beer, wine, cider, etc are made in mainly in China, Egypt, Rome, Babylon, Middle East, America, United Kingdom, and Africa, and many other countries of the world.

The home brewing beverages play a very important role in the every era such as Archaeological record, ancient period, medieval period and Modern period. It is very important in their social and religious life. Home brewing is very familiar in their every day drinks.

Wine is another ancient alcoholic home brewing beverage. It is mainly produce from grapes juice, sugar and water. It is also an ancient and prestigious drink for the English people. In the middle age, the people of all classes take home brewing alcoholic beverages like wine, beer, cider, etc in their ability. The sophisticated people take grape wine to show their richness. Indian sura is a favorite home brewing drink in the local people from the very beginning.

In America, local wine was used only religious purpose but 70 years older could drink without any restriction. During the colonial time the people of United States used apple cider rather water. Because that time they thought water was risky for health. In English people makes a cider festival from the early age where people offer each other cider for protection of their orchards.

It continues during modern time. Most of the country of the world uses home brewing beverages specifically alcoholic beverages. They worshipped the goddess of wine. Maximum people of the country of the world use beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages to their every festival like religious ceremony, social gathering, marriage ceremony, etc. They believe that drunkenness is spiritual thing, it has no harmfulness. It is good thing. The Scholar of the early age praises drinking alcoholic beverages. Before 19th century the people don’t understand the bad effect of alcoholic beverages.

When industrialisation is increasing day by day and the people feel the need of discipline life, then the people of all country restricted their drinking quantity. In modern time, the people of all country of the world drink alcoholic beverages but not in anywhere and anytime.