Useful forums to help you with home brewing. In no order!

The Home Brew Forum – This forum is a friendly and helpful community of enthusiastic home or craft brewers of all levels of experience discussing beer making, wine making and cider making…and much more!

Jim’s Beer Kit – This is one of the top homebrew forums on the internet for brewers of British Ales, attracting  members from all over the world – including some of the real experts in the field of brewing.

Home Brew Talk – US home brew forum, but still useful.

Home Wine Making – The purpose of this site is to show everyone who would like to make wine just how easy it really is!

UK Home Brew – The UK home brew discussion list exists to talk about issues related to brewing at home in the UK with the emphasis on the brewing of UK styles. To be honest if its related to brewing we generally talk about it

BrewUK Forum – Shop and forum in one place.

BeerSmith Home Brewing Forum – BeerSmith Home Brewing Software forum

Home Brew and Beer

Aussie Home Brewer

Northern Brewer – US Based shop and fourm

Practical Brewing – This is a beer only home brewing forum which has been put up as a logical extension to the Practical Brewing web site. The Practical Brewing web site itself was put up as a supplement to my books, although little has been done on the main site as yet. Through this forum keen brewers can discuss the techniques of brewing and discuss ways to improve the quality of their ales and beers. – This forum was started by a group of dedicated homebrewers that desired a place to discuss the process of homebrewing, beer in general, and, well, life in general.

Berkshire Home Brew